***I am currently offering both in person and virtual lessons for piano, harpsichord, and music theory!***


Welcome to my teaching page! I currently offer private lessons in Boston, Cambridge, Lexington and Newton. I have taught students of all ages and backgrounds, from very young beginners to adult amateur pianists. All that is required to start lessons is a piano in your home and enthusiasm for learning music.


My love for teaching began with a piano pedagogy course that I took as an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University, and has further blossomed since 2008, when I began teaching my first private students in the Boston area. In 2011, I became a member of the New England Piano Teachers’ Association (NEPTA) and joined the Board of Directors in 2014. Through NEPTA, I have continued my own education as a teacher by regularly attending talks and masterclasses. I have served as the chair of NEPTA’s Junior Recital series and the Mildred Freiberg Competition for middle school aged pianists.


Over the years I have taught many types of students. For some, piano is their main avocation outside of school. My lessons with these students are more rigorous, as I help them to prepare for multiple performances and seek out opportunities such as examinations and competitions. For others, piano study is supplementary to a diverse education in the arts, so our lessons may include musical theatre repertoire or a greater focus on music theory.  I have taught those with special needs, and have seen these students grow tremendously as individuals and musicians through piano lessons. I have also greatly enjoyed working with adults returning to piano study in middle age and beyond.


Regardless of a student’s specific goals, I am dedicated to teaching proper piano technique from the start. Correct use of the fingers, hands and arms as a whole system is necessary to produce a beautiful sound at the piano. In developing my methods for teaching piano technique, I have drawn from many influences, including the Russian School, the Taubman approach and my own study of biomechanics as it relates to piano playing.

If you or your child would like to embark on a great musical journey, you have come to the right place. For information about scheduling, rates, cancellation policies and practice expectations, please send me a message through the Contact tab. I look forward to hearing from you!